Always Room

No matter how much storage space you have in a home, you always seem to need more. That’s how it is with me, anyway.

I have a basement filled with stored mementoes, sheltering my memories. I have a storage unit filled from floor to roof with more belongings I ran out of space for in the basement.

Then there’s my metal tool box. If everything I owned fit as well as my tools fit in my metal tool box, my life would be so much simpler.

From my dad’s old hammer and ratchet set, to my more modern power tools, every piece has a secure home to be protected and stored in. I can pull those tools out with the upmost of ease. I can place those tools back with equal, easy effort. 

metal tool box

Having your tools so well stored, and so accessible, makes doing work with them so much easier. I can’t get over how much my productivity has increased since I purchased my box. I’ve only owned it for a couple of years. It makes me wonder how much more I could have accomplished in life if I had purchased it a few years earlier.

Some of my friends have different styles of toolboxes. They aren’t nearly as satisfied with theirs as I am with mine. I feel sorry for the poor guys. I was there once, too. That was me once, not long ago, with tools scattered here and there, all over the floor of the garage and of the truck. I had tools that I couldn’t find.

My pick-up truck looks at home in my garage. My racing posters look at home in my garage. My tool box looks at home in my garage. We belong together. We’re a team. We do great work, together.

Fun Ways to Show Off Your NFL Love – Baby Style

When you become a parent, starting your little one on a road to football fandom as young as possible is important. You’ve fanned your team for many years now and it is time to pass on that tradition! There are many fun ways to show your NFL love with your baby included in the fun -starting that NFL love early. Some of the ideas are below. Use one or more of these ideas and let the games begin!

NFL Birth Announcement

If your newborn has just arrived in the world, go ahead and create a digital NFL birth announcement. The cute birth certificate is decorated with your team’s logo and colors and is an amazing keepsake for all fans.


A NFL baby blanket is a great snuggle up for your little one. Choose from tons of styles, materials, and sizes. Don’t worry if there is a little spit at the end of the day. It is all to help the boys when they’re on the field with that new play!


nfl onesies

Tons of different NFL-themed pieces are available to deck your little one in, including socks, nfl onesies, caps, and more. It is imperative to buy your little one a few pieces of clothing donning your favorite teams, logos, and colors.

Nursery Decor

A variety of different pieces of nursery decor can help your baby’s room turn into a mini-stadium. You’ll love the clocks, the lamps, and other pieces that compose the room NFL style!

It is never too early to start your baby out with the NFL, especially when there are many simple and easy ways to show your love. Use the ideas above to help join the fun and start your new fan out the right way!

Tools are a Hobby Themselves

Having the right tool for the job makes the job easier, keeps the person who is doing the work safer and is faster than botching it.

What professionals do

Digging around for the right tool costs the professional time and, therefore, their customer’s money. Leaving tools behind on a job eats into the profit margin. Professionals keep their tools carefully as without them they are lost. Often a professional will use a roller cabinet tool box because it holds tools and provides a work surface.

Buying a roller cabinet

There are different qualities of a tool cabinet, what you buy comes down to budget and to an extent, personal taste. But they are quite an investment and so you want to be sure that it will suit your needs for a while to come.

The frame

A tool cabinet is going to carry a lot of weight. The weight assisted by gravity will tend to bow and then buckle the tool cabinet. Make sure that the gauge of steel is enough to ensure it can carry the load, and yet still be easy to move.

The locking mechanism

If you’re going to use the cabinet as a portable work surface, you need to make sure the wheels lock properly. It could cause injury if they don’t, but worse it could damage the tools or the project.


roller cabinet tool box

You will be able to tell the quality of the cabinet by subtle things like the edges of the drawers. Are they a milled edge or have they been rolled and finished?

What does the slide mechanism feel like?  These are going to be used a lot, so make sure that they can open easily with just one hand. The glide should be smooth and not feel like metal-against-metal.

5 Reasons to Buy a Gun Safe

If you own a gun, you need a gun safe! Don’t wait another day to browse the safes and choose one that will protect and safely store your guns! Read below to learn five of the many reasons that you shouldn’t wait any longer to make that purchase.

1.    Gun safes hold other valuable items, like coins, jewelry, and even stocks and bonds. The safes come in a variety of sizes as well so it is easy to find a vault that accommodates your needs. The versatility should make you smile.

2.    Tons of awesome, high-quality gun safes made in the USA are available to protect your weapons from fire, theft, and from the wrong hands. These high-quality safes are durable and sure to provide many years of lasting use. You can worry less when you own a gun safe.

3.    The peace of mind that you gain knowing that your guns are locked and protected in a gun safe is second-to-none. There is no worry that your weapons will get in the wrong hands. It is easy to sleep good at night with this information on the front of your mind.

gun safes made in the USA

4.    Safes keep your weapons in place and organized so you always know their location in the event the weapon is needed.  You do not want your guns scattered around the place! Although it is hopeful you’ll never need the weapon, it is important to have it close just in case.

5.    27 of the 50 US states have child gun access prevention laws that require safes for guns. Do you reside in one of these states? If you do, obviously you want to keep your weapons legally protected!

There are many reasons to buy a gun safe, including the five listed here. Do not wait any longer to buy your safe.

The Pros of Wearing a Clip-On Necktie

Neckties first started being worn in the 17th century. During the Thirty Years’ War in France, the soldiers in King Louis XIII’s army were required to wear a piece of cloth around their necks. This cloth helped them tie their jacket together at the top. Soon neckties caught on all over the world and became a common wardrobe accessory for men’s formal attire. The first clip-on necktie was invented in the 1920’s. This made life easier for men who struggled to tie a knot in their necktie.  

Clip-On Ties are Always Perfectly Tied

With a clip-on necktie, you don’t have to worry about how the knot in your tie looks when you are getting ready for work or for a special event. You can be assured that your knot and the length of your tie will always be perfect. Some people struggle with tying a knot in a tie, but this issue is resolved with the clip-on tie. Men who would have never worn a necktie because of not knowing how to tie the knot can now look great in a tie.


If you are wearing a traditional tie and it happens to get caught on something, there is a possibility of strangulation or other neck injuries. If you wear a clip-on tie, your tie would be ripped off before getting to the point where your air ways were being affected. Clip-on ties are great for certain careers where it would be dangerous to wear a traditional necktie.


Clip-on ties are versatile and can be worn in any color or pattern. They even make kids clip-on ties for small children wanting to wear a tie and look sharp. Ties come in so many different themes, colors, and patterns. Anything you are looking for, you are sure to find.

kids clip-on ties


Traditional ties can seem uncomfortable and tight at times. By wearing a clip-on tie, you don’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable. Your tie is clipped onto your shirt, so you may not even remember you are wearing one.


The Stock That Improves Your Shot

If you are a tactical gun owner who enjoys hunting or regular target practice, there are many enhancements that can improve gun power and performance. Most gun owners buy a handful of these accessories for their weapon. Not only does it allow them to create a unique weapon, it improves the overall performance and satisfaction, too.

One of the items that you can use to enhance your weapon is the tactical stock. Available for any tactical weapon that you use, this stock uses several techniques to help improve your aim and your game. It also improves recoil and helps users get a first shot recovery time that they prefer over the current time. It is easy to add the stock to the gun should you decide that you’ll use it on your weapon.

What’s the Price?

tactical stock

Cost to buy the stock varies. Many factors impact the costs, including the weapon that you’re using, the type of stock you buy, and the place of purchase. Many people opt to buy their stocks online because the selection is larger and often times, the prices are lower. It is also much easier to find a broad selection of stocks to choose from. When you buy online, the process is much more discreet as well. Shipping to your home minimizes the need to run around town to find the accessories that you want to buy.

Should You Buy a Stock?

Choosing to add a stock to your weapon is a beneficial decision that many people make. It is up to you to determine if this is an accessory that you want and need on your weapon. With an intriguing number of benefits of adding the stock, there is little question whether or not it is a good addition.

Memories and Fishing

When I was a child, my dad gave me my grandfather’s old fishing pole. It was a special gift. I never knew my grandfather. He died before I was born. Using his fishing pole was like holding a piece of him.

Children have a nasty habit of not taking care of things, even special gifts. Granddad’s fishing pole didn’t survive to see my twelfth birthday.  For my thirteenth birthday, my dad surprised me with another incredible gift: a custom fishing rod that was brand new, and all mine.

Oh, I still grieved the loss of my grandfather’s pole. I still do. That new rod captured my heart though, and it didn’t take very long for me to grow attached to it.

I remember spring time on the river with all the trees blossoming out with canopies of green. The fish were biting, and I pulled them in, each one.

The heat of the summer sun still burns my skin, in my memory, as I hook worm after worm, with the fish guaranteed to dance around and find my hook.

A cool autumn wind kissed my cheeks and made me glad for the warmth of coat and toboggan as I cast out far into the distant waters of a mighty lake I fished upon for the first time.  

custom fishing rod

Fishing isn’t just a sport or a pastime. Fishing rods, fishing poles, and tackle boxes aren’t just tools for the hunt. They are companions on the journey, partners on the tide, and maybe they can even be considered friends.

I fished with dad. I fished with friends. I fished on dates- bringing the love of the catch and the commune with nature into the ritual of courtship. I fished alone.

And there were many fish.  And many memories, as well.

4 Signs You Need New Furniture

Even furniture has its maximum lifetime. It is important to pay attention to the signs that indicate your furniture has endured its better days and that it is ready for a replacement. When you replace furniture, the entire home benefits. What are the signs that you should replace the future? Here are four of the most common signs.

1- If it is a gamble every time you use your future, go ahead and replace the pieces. No one should worry they’ll fall or injure themselves just to sit down!

2- Do you feel like you’re style is that of a 90-year old cat lady? It is certainly a sign that you need to change things in the home and update your style.

3- Is there damage that cannot be repaired? Does this damage interfere with the usage of the furniture or its appearance? It is time to replace!

4- Do people notice your furniture now and they are not happy with what they see? No, you do not decorate your home for others, but if it is that big of an eyesore, do you really want to keep the style?

Update Your Furniture Without Delay

Phoenix area furniture stores

Updating your home’s furniture is a rewarding and beneficial experience that you are sure to enjoy. If you notice the signs above or are simply ready to get something new, it is time to replace. You can find pieces of furniture for every room at your home at the local Phoenix area furniture stores. Even when there is a limited budget, there are options to affordably accommodate your needs. Don’t miss out on updating your home style!

5 Reasons to Own a Gun

Should you buy a gun? The real question is why do you not already own a gun? Although some people think negatively about this weapon, the truth is that its benefits are far greater. Why is it so important to own a gun? There is an endless list of reasons, although the five reasons listed below are among the most important.


1- Protection

It is an uncertain world that we live in. Even when you are out to have a good time, disaster could strike before you know what’s happened. If you want to stay protected, a gun provides the ultimate form of protection.

2- Peace of Mind

When you know that you are safely protected with a gun on your person, there is a greater peace of mind accompanying you from the start of the day until the end. You need this great peace of mind!

3- Safe Choices

There are many types of guns you can buy. Glocks are one of them and a popular choice. This is the weapon of choice for the police. It is a powerful gun that means business but it is fun to own, too.

4- It is Fun to Shoot

Shooting a gun not only protects you but can also provide a fun hobby. Many people spend their days shooting, hunting, and otherwise enjoying the gun. A day spent at the shooting range is a day that you will enjoy. Why not learn how to shoot and enjoy your time?

5- Everyone Else Owns a Gun

Sometimes you shouldn’t be left out of the crowd. This happens to be one of those situations. It seems that everyone else owns a weapon and so should you. Far too many benefits of owning a weapon exist to be the only one who is missing out!

Are You Getting New Furniture In Your Office?

One of the most exciting things that you can do is to invest in some sort of furniture that you are going to be able to use in your office for whatever reason. That being said, there are a lot of considerations that you may be looking to make when you start looking at the options that you have for office furniture Salem Oregon. How can you be sure that you’re doing everything that you can? What sorts of things do you need to look for and take care of? 

Taking that time to explore these options could actually be a way for you to save some cash on the whole process. Many furniture stores will actually be willing to negotiate and work with you to figure out just what would work in your budget. And that alone can end up being quite a big deal when you’re trying to find what you may need. Some places will even go ahead and sell sets and work out everything that is necessary in regards to your office needs and how you may want to take care of the process.

office furniture Salem Oregon

So, make sure that you look around at all of the options that you are thinking about and make sure that what you’re going to do makes the most sense for how you’re going to go ahead and get everything done. You can find a lot of great options online and talk to people in your area to see what you can get your hands on as well. In the end, you’ll find that it makes sense and that you will actually get everything that you could ever need to make sure that your office space has the best, most affordable furniture that you can get your hands on.