The Pros of Wearing a Clip-On Necktie

Neckties first started being worn in the 17th century. During the Thirty Years’ War in France, the soldiers in King Louis XIII’s army were required to wear a piece of cloth around their necks. This cloth helped them tie their jacket together at the top. Soon neckties caught on all over the world and became a common wardrobe accessory for men’s formal attire. The first clip-on necktie was invented in the 1920’s. This made life easier for men who struggled to tie a knot in their necktie.  

Clip-On Ties are Always Perfectly Tied

With a clip-on necktie, you don’t have to worry about how the knot in your tie looks when you are getting ready for work or for a special event. You can be assured that your knot and the length of your tie will always be perfect. Some people struggle with tying a knot in a tie, but this issue is resolved with the clip-on tie. Men who would have never worn a necktie because of not knowing how to tie the knot can now look great in a tie.


If you are wearing a traditional tie and it happens to get caught on something, there is a possibility of strangulation or other neck injuries. If you wear a clip-on tie, your tie would be ripped off before getting to the point where your air ways were being affected. Clip-on ties are great for certain careers where it would be dangerous to wear a traditional necktie.


Clip-on ties are versatile and can be worn in any color or pattern. They even make kids clip-on ties for small children wanting to wear a tie and look sharp. Ties come in so many different themes, colors, and patterns. Anything you are looking for, you are sure to find.

kids clip-on ties


Traditional ties can seem uncomfortable and tight at times. By wearing a clip-on tie, you don’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable. Your tie is clipped onto your shirt, so you may not even remember you are wearing one.