Tools are a Hobby Themselves

Having the right tool for the job makes the job easier, keeps the person who is doing the work safer and is faster than botching it.

What professionals do

Digging around for the right tool costs the professional time and, therefore, their customer’s money. Leaving tools behind on a job eats into the profit margin. Professionals keep their tools carefully as without them they are lost. Often a professional will use a roller cabinet tool box because it holds tools and provides a work surface.

Buying a roller cabinet

There are different qualities of a tool cabinet, what you buy comes down to budget and to an extent, personal taste. But they are quite an investment and so you want to be sure that it will suit your needs for a while to come.

The frame

A tool cabinet is going to carry a lot of weight. The weight assisted by gravity will tend to bow and then buckle the tool cabinet. Make sure that the gauge of steel is enough to ensure it can carry the load, and yet still be easy to move.

The locking mechanism

If you’re going to use the cabinet as a portable work surface, you need to make sure the wheels lock properly. It could cause injury if they don’t, but worse it could damage the tools or the project.


roller cabinet tool box

You will be able to tell the quality of the cabinet by subtle things like the edges of the drawers. Are they a milled edge or have they been rolled and finished?

What does the slide mechanism feel like?  These are going to be used a lot, so make sure that they can open easily with just one hand. The glide should be smooth and not feel like metal-against-metal.